• City water is not recommended for consumption. 

    • If you are traveling from Europe, do not forget an adapter for North American outlets.

    • Cozumel is one of the most popular tourist destinations and locals depend on their earned tips. It is common to tip 10%-20%. 

    • Currency rate in Mexico is anywhere between 15 – 18 pesos per American dollar and the best recommended exchanging house is San Jorge. For the first exchanging operation your passport will be required, in the future – only your ID or drivers license.

    • You can pay in pesos and dollars in most restaurants and stores in Cozumel.

    • WIFi is available almost everywhere on the island.

    • Local sim card is not required for the visitors from USA and Canada.

    • It is prohibited to take any corals, shells from the beach. 

    • We highly recommend to reduce the use of sun screen products to protect the sustainability of our coral reefs. 

Arriving to Cozumel

1. Cancun Airport – Cozumel

Take a private taxi or bus as you walk out the airport building. It will take approximately 40-50 minutes to get to Playa del Carmen where you will take a ferry to the island. A private taxi ride will cost apзroximately $1000 – $1200 pesos, if you’ve been asked to pay more, ask for a price list that every driver must have available.

2. Playa del Carmen – Cozumel Ferry

1. There are three companies providing transportation from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel by water. Ultramar is enjoyable due to their high speed ferries, live caribbean music and modern boats, Winjet is just affordable. Xcaret is the newest ferry company that offers great service! Follow their current schedule on social media pages. Tickets are always available on the pier or online.

3. If you are crossing BY CAR, check with Ultramar Carga or Transcaribe companies and make sure to arrive 1,5 – 2 hours before departure. 

3. Cozumel Airport Transfer

The only way to get to your vacation rental from the airport is through a shuttle service. However if you don’t mind taking a short walk, you can catch a regular taxi just around the corner. 

4. Cozumel Taxi Services

Unfortunately Uber hasn’t made it to the island yet. Instead Cozumel has a unified taxi system that allows you to order a taxi through facebook Messenger/WhatsApp or by phone, although most times you can catch a taxi on a street. Every driver has an official price list and obligated to charge you accordingly. 


24/7 Base 1 – Tel: 872 0041 / 872 0236
         Base 2 – Tel: 872 5770 / 872 5771

WhatsApp 6am-10pm


Gas Stations

Emergencies - 911

Food delivery

Just an emergency of a different kind, professionally solved by Fasty. Log into their website and place your order – it is all you need to do to enjoy a delishious meal from any of your favorite restaurants


If you are staying with us, you can request the purchase of groceries upon your arrival.